Friday, August 7, 2015

A dream message of a broken marriage to come.

THE DREAM  as dreamt by Tiny J

"I week or so ago before I learned about my husband’s affair; I had a dream. In this dream my son and I were trapped in a room and chased by a huge lion. This lion pushed and chased us to the room door and then left.  We were very frightened by this lion but able to escape unhurt."

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a premonitory dream in that the dream occurred before the the significant event occurs which was the husband's leaving the wife and son for another woman.

Elementshusband and I – the significant players in the relationship, huge lion – the husband with his big ego, self-centeredness and animal lusts,    room – social context of marriage, trapped – characterizing conditions, implies the nature of the relationship, chased – pursued aggressively for his purposes,  door of the room – the paradoxical/ironical way out, pushed and chased – the cause of the mobility and position of the victims was the aggression of the other, us – remaining component of the family, the mother and child (son,)  lion left at point of door – recognized the default of escape and liberty – his self-imposed openness of the relationship change, mother and son frightened – emotionally traumatized but not permanently damaged, able to escape unhurt – in the end mother and son will actually be free and unharmed as the gains outweigh the losses considering the nature of the partner (husband, as symbolized by the symbolic selfishness of a huge lion.)

Integrated meaning:  Tina J, a woman who’s husband had left her for another woman before she had had experienced a premonitory dream in which her husband was depicted as a “beast,” that is with a lion’s appetite for romance and in disregard for the sanctity of his marriage and family, which appetite is symbolized as being an instinctual indulgence below that of the values and sensitivity of the human soul.  In the dream a singular room appears, in contrast to a whole residence, as a symbol of a defined, closed and restricted context of containment.  In the room the lion (the husband) chases (the mother and son) which chase is contrary to a give-and-take mode of behavior but rather is an individual's ego-drive for his own benefit, in contrast to a willing union, unimposed and freely engaged in by virtue of the individual will.  In short and simple terms, this is selfish aggression.  The purpose of the aggression is to capture, contain and confine, which is indicated by virtue of the singular room in contrast to a "home."  This dream dynamic, that is the singular room, indicates stifled growth were the mother and son to remain with the errant husband and father as well as indicating the priority of the self from the lion's perspective, in contradistinction to the fullness of life warranted by the whole family .  The dream shows the paradox and irony manifesting in the karma of the dynamics where the self's purposes are served rather than the other's such that the selfish chase only gives rise to the opposite of "capturing" the heart but instead repulses the targeted victims, in that the victim moves away from the lion and towards the open door symbolizing escape and detachment and entry into the wider world beyond the selfish confines of the brute.  In the dream the lion generates fear which is an emotion polar opposite to love which is the ideal constitution of a constructive relationship.  The dream contains the message that mutual love is lacking in the relationship - even if the victim loves the brute.  The ultimate escape in the dream equates to liberation from relationship dynamics that are not constructive to the mother and son.  

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