Thursday, August 20, 2015

TJ writes:
“A friend of mine had this dream last night about me.
“In his dream he was talking/meeting with me. The conversation in this dream took a place two years after whole issues that I am going thru now happened (separation, etc.)
In the dream I was involved in all kind of activities that I would not usually do. I was enjoying antique, art, history and taking anthology classes. In this dream my life was much better then now. I was travelling around the world and was living in a beautiful big house.”

 The fact that it was a friend who had the dream indicates simply that there is an element of empathy there and that he is the messenger of the dream.  The fact that he is the messenger of the dream adds an element of “objectivity” to it in that, despite his empathy, he is in a advantaged position from the point of view of emotional detachment.  NOT that he is detached but is in the better position to be if that is a necessary counteraction to your seeing what you want as would be in the case of a dream involving wish-fulfillment in contradistinction to cosmic-karmic destiny.
Elements of dream: 
“talking/meeting” with me” -  Purposeful and significant communication intended by Life for TJ
“two years after whole issues that I am going thru now” – The two year period indicates unfoldment in “Life’s time” as per required by developmental life processes (not the whimsical and humanly impatient willfulness that is typical of the individual wanting all good changes NOW.  This is an implication of the need for patience as the different elements of her life unfold. 
“all kind of activities that I would not usually do”  - This is a reference to the fulfillment of the unfoldment that is possible, that is that TJ who’s natural abilities and proclivities may be otherwise inactive and suppressed likely, in part, due to her previous situation with her husband will now have the liberty of movement in order to manifest.
“enjoying antique, art, history and taking anthology classes”  -  This seems to indicate here more the particularities of her activities suggesting that there are abilities in the classical arts and related subjects, especially that that involves cataloguing.  If particularities are specified in a dream that can be a reference to a past-life activity the value of which may be still intact and influential in respect to the soul such that “carrying on” these activities as per past developments is advised. 
“my life was much better then now” -  Indicates that the direction that she is going in at present will lead to significant improvements in her life…a ways down the road.  This is an implicit statement of en-courage-ment.
“I was travelling around the world and was living in a beautiful big house”  This indicates the quality of life that will be experienced if the constructive changes are made.  Interestingly one is a dynamic activity and the other a valued object which suggests that both internal experience (traveling) and worldly acquisitions (beautiful big house) are in order in accordance with the improved karma of TJ.

As always is the case, freewill will facilitate, that is enhance or depreciate the future and so this dream of substantial, active hope in contradistinction to passive promise seems to say that there is a karmic element involved in the dream which suggests a karmic justice in compensation for injustices suffered in the prior years of her life with her wayward husband (see previous dream.)   The message seems to be that although she had suffered the injustice that she is not to be discouraged and with the right choices and courage that her life will be significantly improved over time.  The dream is not otherwise likely to have been given to her were it not the case that she might become discouraged and thus not to take advantage of the new liberty to build her life up in accordance with what is constructive.  This is essentially a dream of encouragement (en-courage-ment) where same may be needed.  The compensatory karma may be there (which may be something of a credit) but co-creation is strongly recommended nonetheless.

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